What is homeopathy?

Homöos derives from Greek and means »similar«
Pathos (also Greek) means »suffering«
Homeopathy was founded by the German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755 – 1843).

In homeopathy diluted extracts of plant, animal or mineral material are used. Body fluids serve as carrier substance which absorb these extracts and have a healing effect on the organism. Small doses can have a big effect. Healing happens according to the law of similars: if a healthy person takes a certain remedy it can cause symptoms. If a sick person takes the same remedy these symptoms will disappear, no matter if they are psychological or physical.

Healing should both be physical and emotional and has to be seen as holistic.

What can happen after a homeopathy session at my practice or after taking homeopathic globuli?

  • Occasionally symptoms get worse for a short time.
  • Due to your personal development during therapy new issues can emerge – you should mention that in any case next time we see each other.
  • Old issues can come back. In this case old symptoms – physical as well as psychological ones – from the past can come back. In the course of a longer therapy they can go back to your earliest childhood.
  • As a process of growing awareness is set off, you will be able to identify and change old and outdated behavioural patterns.
  • In some areas healing can happen quickly, although this process takes some time in most cases.

Symptoms as described may occur, this, however, does not have to necessarily be the case – anyhow it is the sign of a purification process triggered by the stimulus your organism has received by our conversations or by the possible administration of homeopathic globuli. These symptoms should be viewed in a positive way and tend to disappear again quickly. 
Diese Symptome sind positiv zu bewerten und verschwinden meist rasch wieder.

What shoud be done in such a case?
Please stop taking the medicine prescribed and call me! If you have any questions, please also get in touch!

What should be observed after taking a homeopathic remedy?

Please avoid pure coffee, black and green tea (anything containing caffeine or theine) or reduce its intake as much as possible. Please also avoid products with mint, i.e. tooth paste, food or chewing gum or embrocations or similar. You can find special tooth paste in drugstores or pharmacies. With some people, these substances decrease the effect of the homeopathic remedy.

If I have prescribed you a medicine which should be taken regularly, please do not eat or drink anything 10 minutes before and after taking it, so that the remedy will have beneficial effects as it is absorbed by the oral mucosa. It is advisable to take the globuli before going to bed. Do not store homeopathic remedies near mobiles or microwave ovens, at the airport homeopathic remedies should not be exposed to the x-rays at the security check – this could decrease its effect. Furthermore, do not expose a homeopathic remedy to the sun for long. 

In urgent cases you can contact me any time, including weekends!