Talk im Hangar-7 en

The austrian TV station »Servus TV« invited me to particibate at »Talk im Hangar-7«. The theme of the discussion was »Between medicine and hocus-pocus«. How is it possible that seemingly incurable Persons recover? Can our faith heal us? Do healers know something doctors don’t know? Guests: Christian Fiala, Doctor Cornelia Wehr, general practicioner, psychotherapist and… Read more »

Depression, what’s that?

The term depression derives from the Latin word »deprimere« and means »to put down«. Most of the time the mood of people affected by depression does not allow them to feel neither joy nor pain or makes them feel extremely blue. There are various types and degrees of depression. Most common symptoms are listlessness, often… Read more »

Allergy, what’s that?

One is INTOLERANT to one or several substances – pollen, animal hair, house dust and many others. Have you ever asked yourself to what you are allergic to? It might be to someone in your family or at the work place – if you are willing to concentrate and to thoroughly sense, look at and… Read more »


A burnout manifests itself in physical, emotional and mental exhaustion mostly caused by occupational stress. High job demands or stress at the workplace as well as excessive physical or psychical demand of other origin are the reasons. People affected by this kind of exhaustion realize that they are tired and overstraind, but due to a… Read more »