Allergy, what’s that?

One is INTOLERANT to one or several substances – pollen, animal hair, house dust and many others. Have you ever asked yourself to what you are allergic to? It might be to someone in your family or at the work place – if you are willing to concentrate and to thoroughly sense, look at and listen to your inner self, you will realize that there is something more or less serious that rubs you the wrong way.

An allergy always has psychological reasons – in addition there are environmental strains, which enter your body through food (food additives, preservatives, heavy metals and other environmental toxins), through breath through your respiratory system (pollen, house dust, animal hair) or through our skin (various contact eczema) as well as through your mucous membrane (again pollen or air pollutatnts).

Traditional medicine offers desensitization therapies, in which very low doses of allergens are injected in order to stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies.
As the initial problem is not solved the organism often reacts by developing a new allergy. In this case classical homeopathy is an ideal means to balance body and soul. When you have realized what you have to change in order to be at one with yourself it will then no longer be necessary to resort to allergies. Sometimes an additional psychotheray may be of help, although in many cases it will be enough to administer a remedy which suits your character together with one or a couple of talks.