About me

Due to personal experiences which had a strong impact on me, I became interested in psychology at a young age. I came to know the limits of traditional medicine at an early stage of my medical training and turned to holistic medicine. Above all, I realized that illnesses are of psychological origin. I therefore know that regaining one’s health means at the same time personal development. I do my best to share this knowledge with people seeking my help.

During my training as a psychotherapist I got familiar with different methods of healing such as the guided affective imagery therapy. Elements from Buddism, Shamanism and the Native culture in America are part of my experience of life.
As a mother of four I have a lot of practical experience with illnesses of various kinds.

    Education & Training:

    • Medical University of Vienna 1976 – 1983
    • Training as a general practitioner at the Hospital of Korneuburg, Lower Austria 1983 – 1986
    • Imaginative psychotherapy 1983 – 1986 (IP)
    • Homeopathic training with Prof Dorcsi and students 1985 – 1988

      Diplomas awarded by the Austrian Medical Association in

      • environmental health 1993
      • psychotherapeutic medicine 1994