A burnout manifests itself in physical, emotional and mental exhaustion mostly caused by occupational stress. High job demands or stress at the workplace as well as excessive physical or psychical demand of other origin are the reasons. People affected by this kind of exhaustion realize that they are tired and overstraind, but due to a lack of alternatives they continue as before.

Possible methods of treatment
Within days, weeks or a few months significant success will be achieved through psychotherapeutical conversations or perhaps by working with day dreams combined with homeopathic medicine, which will accelerate the healing process. It is most important to understand what went wrong until now and what one has to change in order to find strength and joy of life again. In order to be able to do so, it is in most cases necessary to identify obsolete patterns of behavior so that one is able to reorientate oneself.
The beautiful part of this process is that you will learn to feel, what is your real vocation in life and how you can achieve it. This way joy and energy automatically come to your life.

Changes may seem scary. In most cases what one is scared of has nothing to do with reality. On the contrary: If you dare to take the step towards change, pure joy of life and health of mind and body will wait for you.